Our Team

Kelly & Mike

Kelly and Mike are the leaseholders of the Duke Inn and have been now for over a year. They have been happily married for seven years and loving every moment of pub life. They pride themselves in keeping the Duke shipshape and giving each person who walks through the door a warm and friendly welcome. Alongside with a pub full of people to take care of they also have three kids and four bar staff to raise and nourish.


Joe is a happy go lucky, care free man who always sees the positive side of life. One for a party Joe can always be found near a bar quickly making mates to whoever is nearest or deep in conversation about a current album he will be listening to, what Joe doesn’t know about music isn’t worth knowing.

Joe in future hopes to go on and further travel the world and run his own pub.


When not pulling pints and making bad puns Luke is an established freelance artist who uses his spare time to not only draw but also help curate art exhibitions and build sets for local theatres. Alongside his creative side he also dabbles in writing the pub quizzes which he hosts on a bi weekly basis alongside Mike. Luke is always trying to see the funny side of things and his main goal in life is to actually make a customer laugh one day.


Fleur works as a barmaid at the Duke Inn while undertaking her studies to become a photographer. Always willing to have a chat with customers she is a bubbly person who can always find something to talk about.
She can pull a good pint and make you laugh at the same time, and will always raise spirits and make anyone feel welcome.
In future, Fleur would like to travel and see the world.


As our newest member of staff Caitlin had a lot to learn when she first started but picked up the role in no time. She always has a smile on her face, and a sympathetic ear to listen to customers' woes!
Always one to make you feel welcome and sure to return for another lovingly-poured pint.


Arthur is our pet dog and is adored by all. He is a seven year old westie who couldn’t harm a fly who loves attention and to be scratched behind the ears. When he's not downstairs working hard he can be found having a nap or a good old scratch.